Robby McClung is a local Islamorada Musician that plays a blend of Americana, Old Country and Bluegrass with a Funky Island Feel.

Hey Everyone! Robby McClung here, just wanted to touch base and let you know what is going on with my musical journey. My family just moved to Davis, West Virginia and are enjoying some quality family time and getting our mojo's back. With this move I am also taking a lot of time to practice and grow as a musician. I'm going to be taking several weeks of classes this summer at the Augusta Heritage Center in Elkins, WV. I have been practicing a lot and really focusing on growing as a musician and developing and exploring my own sound. I will be back in the Florida Keys a good bit this winter and look forward to sharing my music with everyone and resuming playing gigs. If you would like to support my musical journey please check out my Merch Page and pick up one of my original T-shirts while supplies last! Thank you for your support. 


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